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This site has been brought to you to showcase the best of the best snoods, which are the must have fashion accessory this year...check them all out, and grab yourself a fashion snnod now!

OK, so last night I was showing off a new website to some friends, when I noticed an issue with the site.  Making a mental note to update the site later on, and to fix it, I carried on throwing the beers back.

As such, I ended up having to rebuild the website from scratch, and having to remind myself of the benefit and importance of keeping a backup copy of everything!

Here we go, again....

Snoods, what are they, have you ever heard of a snood, or snuss/snus?  I've been wearing these in one form or another for years, as they are great for skiing, keeping me warm and toasty on the slopes, in a much easier way than a scarf.  Working in fashion, I'm lucky enough to have had a sneak peek at what is coming along later this year, and into next, and one of the next big things is the fashion snnod.

Coming to a store near you soon, and to many people, the fashion snood will be the next big thing in fashion, combining fashion, and the latest trends, with convenience and function.

The snoods that you will start seeing everywhere very soon clearly have a strong heritage, and it will be interesting to see what happens in future seasons to the snnood to see how it develops and what it evolves into...

Have you got any crazy stories about snoods, or a favourite snood?  If so let us know by emailing us on - if you send us a photo of you wearing your snood, you could get it published here for the world to see!
Happy snood hunting...

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